The main aim of the project “Winter Sport is Coming” was to promote winter sports as physical

activity and as an educational tool to support social inclusion, personal development, intercultural dialogue and European citizenship among young people from different backgrounds. From a long-term perspective, the project aims to increase the participation of young people in winter sports.

Main activities in the scope of the project were development and implementation of the Winter Sport Camps. We created and organized various models of Winter Sports Camp in 4 countries for different target groups. Camps include elements of non-formal education methods and can be implemented by other sports organizations in the future. The aim of the camps was to foster young people’s attitude and motivation to practice winter sports and at the same time explore the educational dimension of winter sports.

There were several activities and meetings during the project duration:

  1. kick-off meeting in Bratislava, Slovakia (April 2019) 
  2. research on existing national and European Winter Sports good practices (May –August 2019)
  3. Preparation of Winter Sports Camps (September – November 2019)
  4. Mid-term meeting in Italy (November 2019)
  5. Winter Sports Campa in each country (January – March 2020, February – March 2021)
  6. Preparation of publication  (March – June 2021)
  7. Final meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria (June 2021)

                           Project is co-financed by the European Union, Erasmus+ Program