Winter Sports Program implementation in each country (January or February 2020) involving 10 young people aged between 18 – 25 (5 of them should be locals and 5 with fewer opportunities/from disadvantaged background – e.g. migrants, unemployed, coming from poor or rural areas). There will be various winter sports implemented – e.g. skiing, snowboarding, sledding, hockey or curling) combined with non-formal education. The total duration of the program will be 30 hours, divided into 5 days (+ 1 day arrival, 1 day departure). 

There will be various aspects of the program – team-building activities, introduction about Winter Sports and non-formal education; Outdoor Winter Sports practice, Exploring the Educational Dimension of Winter Sport, Cultural Sharing Session, Winter Sport Contest, Final Evaluation. The focus of the program will be to foster young people’s attitude and motivation to take part in Winter Sports and at the same time explore the educational dimension of Winter Sports, e.g.:

Social Inclusion: winter sports as catalyst of inclusive practices inspired to the positive values of sport practice (fair-play, equality, respectful cooperation, teamwork).

Personal Development: acquisition of knowledge, competences and skills (soft as well as transversal) supporting the personal development and fulfilment of the youth both in life and in society (employability, education, participation).

Intercultural Dialogue: foster mutual knowledge, positive interaction and cooperation among young people from different backgrounds in order to tackle prejudices, discrimination or racism phenomena.